Legal / City Attorney

The City Attorney acts as the legal advisor for the municipality, its boards and commissions, and all of its officers in matters relating to their official duties. When required to do so by the City Council, he shall prosecute and defend all civil complaints, suits and controversies in which the City is a party. He shall furnish the City Council, the City Manager, the head of any department, or any officer, board, council or agency not included in any department his opinion on any question of law relating to their respective powers and duties. 

In addition to these duties, the City Attorney shall perform such other professional duties as may be required of him by ordinance, resolution or motion of the City Council or as are prescribed for city attorneys under federal and state laws.

Assistant City Attorney

The Assistant City Attorney shall work under the supervision of the City Attorney and perform such duties assigned. In such cases she shall have the same powers as the City Attorney.

Additional Information

Please note that the City Attorney’s Office does not represent or give legal advice to the citizens of Titusville concerning non-City matters. For private legal representation, you should contact either your own private attorney, or the Attorney Referral Service at 800-342-8011.