Internal audit activities are designed to provide reasonable assurance that strategic issues and areas of emphasis of the City Council are met economically and efficiently. To that end, the following goals are established:

  1. To issue audit reports, conducted in accordance with generally accepted government auditing standards, that:
    • Determine the reliability and integrity of financial and operational information.
    • Determine if a program’s internal control structure is adequately designed and implemented to achieve control objectives.
    • Determine the efficiency and effectiveness of City programs and services.
    • Determine if operations are in compliance with applicable:
      • Laws
      • Policies
      • Procedures
      • Regulations
    • Determine if City resources are adequately safeguarded against:
      • Abuse
      • Loss
      • Waste
    • Determine if results of operations and programs are consistent with established objectives and goals, and whether the operations or programs are being carried out as planned.
    • Recommend cost-effective improvements in each of the areas.
  2. To issue objective studies of critical issues that aid in the decision-making process by the City Council and Leadership Team.
  3. To promote efficiency, effectiveness, and accountability with the City Council, Leadership Team, the general population of City employees, and the Public.