In Memory Of

Jack Schnell
Jack Schnell Art

Officer Jack H. Schnell - Identification Number 716

Lost his life in the line of duty on December 31, 1982, at age 35. Jack served the Titusville Police Department for 14 years.

Officer Jack H. Schnell was taken from us on New Year’s Eve 1982. Officer Schnell was working (Driving Under the Influence (DUI) patrol on his police motorcycle when he was struck and killed by a drunk driver.

Officer Schnell lost his life at age 35, leaving behind his wonderful wife, Mary, and a young son.

The drunk driver that took Officer Schnell from us was tried and convicted to 25 years in prison, but due to an alleged heart condition, he was released by the court system three years later. The driver was later arrested for DUI again in 1996.

Stephen House
Stephen House Art

Officer Stephen Franklin House - Identification Number 726

Lost his life in the line of duty on February 15, 1989, at age 36. Stephen served the Titusville Police Department for 7 years.

On February 15, 1989, Officer House was at the range for firearms qualifications. He was called back to the police department to participate in an operation with the emergency response team (SWAT). The operation centered around a suspected drug dealer, and the plan was to search the suspect’s residence for the presence of illegal drugs. The team entered the residence and took the suspect into custody; however, the suspect’s father ran to a bedroom and barricaded himself inside. Officer House tried to talk the man into coming out, but he refused to do so. As Officer House introduced a distraction device into the room and began to enter, the man began firing. Officer House received a fatal gunshot wound. The gunman was charged with murder. At the trial, he was found not guilty and was subsequently released.

Officer House lost his life at age 36, leaving behind a loving wife, Mary Ann, and four children.