Street Resurfacing

The Road Repaving Program is based upon paving the most deteriorated major and minor arterial and collector roads initially (i.e. Country Club Drive, Knox McRae Drive, Park Avenue, DeLeon Avenue, etc), followed by local roads having the lowest Pavement Condition Index (PCI). The PCI ranking is determined by physically inspecting the road using surface evaluation criteria (number and type of cracks, bumps, potholes, rough surface areas, etc.). The roads are evaluated each year as conditions change due to the volume and type of vehicles using the road, the weathering effects, and other factors. The ranking of the roads usually determines whether or not the road should be repaved and when.

The City Public Works/Engineering Department intends to repave a minimum of six miles of roads each year. At six miles per year, all of the City’s roads (188) miles should be repaved within 30 years, the average life expectancy of a local asphalt road. Of course, roads under state jurisdiction such as U.S. 1, State Route (SR) 405, SR 406, SR 50 and county roads such as Old Dixie Highway, Singleton Avenue, Sisson Road, and Carpenter Road will be repaved by those governmental agencies.

For More Information

Should you desire to know what the PCI ranking is for your particular street and approximately when your street may be repaved, you may call the Public Works Engineering Department at 321-567-3846 and ask for the Public Works Engineer.