Community Watch Online Application

2016 Community Watch GroupCommunity Watch is a volunteer program administered through the Titusville Police Department. Community Watch provides an opportunity for citizens like yourself to act as an additional set of "eyes and ears" for the Titusville Police Department through community patrols and other civic services.


Community Watch members patrol residential neighborhoods and commercial properties, noting any suspicious or unusual activity. The program is strictly passive, meaning we avoid all confrontational situations.

Besides normal patrol duties, members can be involved in traffic control situations (after a substantial training process) at public events and/or accident scenes.

Community Watch Minimum Requirements

  • Able to fit in with a good, diverse group of fellow citizens
  • Be at least 21 years of age
  • Be in good health with good vision and hearing
  • Be of good moral character
  • Be a United States Citizen
  • Be willing to volunteer a minimum of 12 hours per month
  • Have no felony convictions
  • Have on file a completed and processed application

Who Can Be a Community Watch Member

Any person who has met the minimum requirements and can give a minimum of 12 hours a month to the program. This person is appointed as a volunteer only and is not vested with any law enforcement authority. The Community Watch member is a volunteer with the Titusville Police Department who serves as a civil servant to assist the citizens of Titusville. This is done in cooperation with the Titusville Police Department’s officers as part of the department’s policing efforts.


Come join the Titusville Police Department’s Community Watch Program. Be seen! Be involved! Complete our online application.