Comprehensive Plan

Long-Range Vision

The City’s provides long-term vision and direction to guide development and services. The direction provided by the Comprehensive Plan is aimed at creating desirable places to enhance neighborhoods, encourage new development, and provide services that make the City a desirable place for residents and visitors.

It is the intent of the Comprehensive Plan to preserve and enhance the public health, safety, and welfare through the management of growth, provision of adequate public services and the protection of natural resources. The contents of the Comprehensive Plan generally fall into the following three categories:

  • Goals for future development and provision of services
  • Objectives and benchmarks to meet in order to attain the goals
  • Policies to be implemented to meet the stated objectives and benchmarks

Growth Management Act

The City’s Comprehensive Plan was adopted in 1988 in direct response to meeting all of the requirements of the 1985 Growth Management Act, also known as the Local Comprehensive Planning and Land Development Regulations Act, and the rules of the Florida Department of Community Affairs. This plan, as amended, has provided the policy framework for growth management in Titusville since adoption. The requirements of the Comprehensive Plan are established by Chapter 163, Florida Statutes.

Community Planning

The City’s Comprehensive Plan provides guidance to numerous City departments. It is the responsibility of the Planning Department to maintain and enforce the Comprehensive Plan on issues related to growth management. The Planning staff is also responsible for processing and reporting on any requests to amend the Comprehensive Plan.

Evaluation & Appraisal Report

The State of Florida requires local jurisdictions to evaluate and initiate any changes to the Comprehensive Plan at least once every seven years through the Evaluation and Appraisal (EAR) reporting process. The Planning staff has completed this evaluation and a Notice of Intent was issued by the State Department of Economic Opportunity on December 13, 2018.

Additional Information

For additional information please contact the at 321-567-3782.

Comprehensive Plan (DOCX)