Resilient Titusville

Mayor Walt Johnson and City Manager Scott Larese attended the signing of the partnership ceremony formally establishing the City of Titusville as a partner of the East Central Regional Resilience Collaborative.

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Resilient TitusvilleResilient Titusville

Assessment, Outreach, & Strategies

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), Florida Coastal Management Program (FCMP), and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) awarded Titusville with a grant to conduct a coastal planning effort to include an assessment of climate risks, identify policies and programs to address Titusville’s vulnerabilities, and identify resiliency projects and strategies.

The grant will also help implement comprehensive plan policies related to the Peril of Flood requirements described.

Peril of Flood Requirements

Visit the Peril of Flood website updated by Florida’s Regional Planning Councils featuring a compilation of projects, resources, and important dates relating to coastal resiliency in the state of Florida.

Coastal Management Update

In 2015 the Florida Legislature adopted new requirements to be included in the City’s Comprehensive Plan to address flood risk in coastal areas which results from:

  • Flash floods
  • High-tide events
  • The related impacts of sea-level rise
  • Storm surge
  • Stormwater runoff

The policies must address how to eliminate inappropriate and unsafe development in the coastal areas when opportunities arise. (Section 163.3178(2)(f), Florida Statute)