Community Redevelopment Agency

The Titusville Community Redevelopment Area (CRA) was established on October 12, 1982, by ordinance 66-1982 by the City Council through an act of the State Legislature. The CRA is a special district that is dedicated to the revitalization of our historic downtown. The total area of the CRA is approximately 300 acres. The CRA seeks to encourage a vibrant mixed use district that celebrates and reflects ecological and space heritage and culture.

The Community Redevelopment Act (Chapter 163, Part III) provides Florida cities with the ability to designate "community redevelopment areas" per Chapter 189 of the Florida Statutes to eliminate slum and blight. Through special funding tools, such as tax increment financing and grants, the CRA is able to complete special projects that include the development of recreation and open space and streetscape improvements. The CRA’s fiscal year runs from October 1 to September 30. View a .

CRA Approved Building Color Palette 

A copy of the Titusville CRA Redevelopment Plan adopted in October 2022 can be downloaded on this page, or obtained by contacting the Redevelopment Planner at 321-567-3860 or with any questions.