d. Retail Identity


  • Current retail identity is suburban in nature; quality maintenance of facades and signage of these locations is encouraged until site redevelopment is possible. As upgrades to existing structures are made, focus should be placed on addressing visibility and accessibility for the pedestrian.
  • New retail development should provide a more urban, pedestrian friendly environment. Storefronts should be human in scale.
  • Provide large display windows. Storefronts should have at least 65% transparency.
  • Colonnades are appropriate for ground floor retail.
  • Retailers, whether a local or national retailer, should display distinctive retail facades.


  • Use of low impact (sustainable), high quality, durable facade materials are encouraged for retail facades. Examples include:
    • Wood
    • Masonry
    • Glass
    • Stucco (or EIFS at 4 feet above grade or higher)
    • Stone
  • Colors and articulation are encouraged for facade materials

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