c. District Edges

Development on blocks adjacent to another District or the CRA boundary should reflect a transition in height and density. Where the two districts’ boundaries intersect, there should be no more than 30 feet of building height difference between the adjoining districts. Mid-block changes in height and bulk should occur to relate to the adjacent district, including transitions to the Downtown Historic Village.

Buildings on the edge of the Uptown District should be 5 stories to rise up to meet the height of the Uptown District.

Thoughtful Development

As buildings approach the Historic Residential District edge, thoughtful development should relate to the scale of the adjoining block of the District. Buildings can be up to 5 stories in height on this edge, however, design and use should address the residential nature of the adjacent district.

Row of Shorter Buildings
Corner View of a Building
Corner of a Building with a Light Post
Business and Apartment Building Lined Up

Transition to Downtown Historic Village heights. (Photo by Payton Chung)

Historic Buildings on a Busy Street