c. Signage, Public Art & Illumination Guidelines

Depending on the District, the following types of signage are allowed in Titusville:

  • Blade Signs
  • Marquee Signs
  • Wall-mounted Signs
  • Window Signs
  • Maintain Historic Signage
  • Where building ownership allows, ground floor retailers may display vertical banners on the second floor.

Discouraged Sign Elements

  • Signs should not include animated components, flashing lights, rotating or flashing signs, formed plastic, or box or cabinet-type signs.
  • Signs with exposed raceways, conduit, junction boxes, transformers, lamps, tubing, or neon crossovers of any type. Neon may be used for iconic marquee signs.
  • Non-ornamental hardware used to attach sign to storefront may not be exposed to view.
  • Simulated materials (i.e. wood-grained plastic laminate), wall-covering, paper, cardboard, or plastic foams of any type.
  • Non-sealed or exposed sign foam.
  • Un-edged or uncapped plastic letters without returns.
  • Murals should not include the building tenant’s name and should not advertise any tenant.

Blade Sign

Sock Heaven Blade Sign

Mural (Photo by Dwwebber)


Banner Sign

Light Green Banner Sign