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Titusville is experiencing an unparalleled resurgence, not only because of its storied past with the space program and its space-related infrastructure, but also its aesthetic character and historic charm. Nestled along the scenic Indian River Lagoon on Central Florida’s “Space Coast,” the City of Titusville provides its nearly 50,000 residents with a comprehensive array of public amenities and conveniences.

The Space Coast, whose name is derived from awe-inspiring launches departing from , encompasses more than 72 miles of captivating shoreline and the municipalities within .

In close proximity to pristine , the , and myriad activities, life in Titusville is well-rounded. Renowned for its numerous recreational opportunities, Titusville’s historic downtown now serves as the junction of three major multi-purpose trails - the (SJR2C), , and the . Moreover, a 45-minute jaunt to the west will transport inhabitants and guests to and all of its legendary and attractions.

With an ample supply of pre-existing housing, Titusville continues to incorporate additional residential units. Housing startsMarina Dusk Opens in new window are a useful indicator of community viability and vitality for site selectors when determining locations for new retail and commercial venues.

Served by three international airports - (MCO), (MLB), and (SFB) - and the , Interstate 95, U.S. 1, and the Florida East Coast Railway traverse through the city, and nearby Port Canaveral features the benefits of .

Business owners contemplating the Sunshine State will find Florida’s business climate to be quite favorable. Advantages include streamlined business regulations and a business-friendly, cost-competitive . Since the majority of startups are S corporations, LLCs, partnerships, or sole proprietorships, they will not incur state income taxes, nor is state income tax imposed on individuals.

In a word, Titusville is resilient. Not only has it survived the cessation of two United States space programs, but, as a result of steadfast elected leaders and dedicated administrators, the city has managed to reach new heights each time.

CityEnhancedPhotoSo, please, peruse our , and let us know if you have any questions. Whether you are just embarking on your business journey, or relocating from another area, we would love to be the new home for your venture!

Questions? the economic development director, or call 321-567-3774.

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