Affordable Housing Advisory Committee


  • Annually for approximately three months and they meet every month during that cycle
  • Harry T. Moore Social Service Center- 725 S. DeLeon Avenue

Titusville, FL 32780


Length of Term: Two Years, automatically renewal

Members shall be residents of the city for at least one year and actively engaged in the community in connection to affordable housing.


Appointments are based on experience and interest in the field of affordable housing. Members shall include:

  • Advocate for low-income persons
  • An at large citizen
  • Banker or mortgage broker
  • An employer in the city
  • Essential service personnel:
    • Fire
    • Police
    • Teacher
    • Etc.
  • For-profit provider of affordable housing
  • Laborer in home building
  • Local planning agency liaison
  • Non-profit provider of affordable housing
  • Real estate professional
  • A residential builder
  • Elected Official 


The Affordable Housing Advisory Committee (AHAC) is appointed by the City Council.