Drink, Drive, Die

Student Advisory Council - Titusville, FloridaThis project was started in 2006 after the tragic deaths of several teens due to drunk driving. The high school representatives on the Student Advisory Council were compelled to create a video to help curb teen drinking. So in 2007 and 2008, the councils created The Last Dance; an anti-drinking teen video. This was accomplished through the students on the Council and with assistance from local fire, police, and the State’s Attorney’s Office. This video was then distributed all over the State through the 67 school boards in our State.

However, our Council did not stop there. This video was submitted for several grants as was nominated for the ICMA. Then in 2010, the Council continued to move forward with the project and received a monetary contribution from State Farm Insurance to create this website. To this day, we continue to update and provide information on this issue in order to help other teens.

View The Last Dance video.

About Us

This is the 2018 to 2019 Student Advisory Council. We are a twelve-member team with four representatives from each of the local high schools. We continue to put out updates and provide new information about this important subject. We also strive to be beacons in our community to prevent other tragedies.