Draa Field Stormwater Park

Project Complete

The new Draa Field Stormwater Park is complete!

Come out and take a walk around the new park located at 230 N Dixie Avenue in Titusville!

Project Objective

The objective of the park is to provide a water quality benefit to the Indian River Lagoon and to reduce flooding within the basin.

This is accomplished through stormwater infrastructure improvements and the construction of a stormwater treatment facility that uses innovative best management practices (BMP’s), which include:

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  • A limestone permeable reactive barrier
  • Littoral planting
  • Pervious parking
  • Pond aerators
  • A wet detention pond
  • Wetland biofiltration treatment

This facility provides a reduction in Nitrogen and Phosphorus leaving the system that helps meet the Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) requirements for the lagoon.


The Park, which serves as a trailhead to the East Central Regional Rail Trail, also has many amenities such as a walking trail, educational kiosks, renovated restrooms, and fountains.

Grant Funding

The City has received significant grant funding for this project totaling over $1.5 million, including:

  1. $366,000 from the St. Johns River Water Management District Fiscal Year 2015 District’s Cooperative Cost Share Program (CCSP).
  2. $388,825 from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection Fiscal Year 2014 Section 319 Grant Program.
  3. $800,000 from the Florida Legislative Funding (LI 1668A Fiscal Year 2015).