Brownfields Redevelopment Program

A Brownfield site is a property whose resale or redevelopment has become challenged due to the real or perceived threat of environmental contamination. It is important to note that, simply because a property is designated as a Brownfield does not necessarily mean that it is contaminated. 

Former uses of the property play the largest role in determining whether a site is contaminated. Some prior activities conducted on a property, such as dry cleaning, auto repair, or fueling station, result in a higher risk of contamination. To be certain, a reliable first step to obtain information on the condition of a property is to perform a Phase I environmental site assessment (ESA).

In October 2021, the City received grant funding in the amount of $300,000 from the federal Environmental Protection Agency for precisely this type of activity. Funding provides for Phase I and Phase II ESAs for identified properties within the City. 

This informational brochure explains more about Brownfield basics, as well as the grant obtained by the City. Please contact the with any questions.

Informational Brochure

Brownfield Informational Brochure - 2023
Brownfield Informational Brochure - 2023
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