How do I obtain permission from the Board to alter my property?

Before obtaining a building permit from the Building Division within the Community Development Department, you should contact the Staff of the Board (the Planning and Growth Management Department serves as the staff liaison to the Historic Preservation Board and can be reached at 321-567-3778) to determine if the proposed changes need to be reviewed by the Board.

If your alterations are not exempt, you must apply for a Certificate of Appropriateness. You will be asked to discuss your plans with members of the Board at a monthly public meeting. (If you do not wish to appear at the public meeting, you may appoint someone, including your contractor or the Staff, to take your place.) If the Board finds the proposed changes compatible with the historic character of your property, it will issue a Certificate of Appropriateness. The Board may also issue a Certificate of Appropriateness on the condition that you modify your plans according to its recommendations, or a Certificate of Hardship in those rare instances where it is necessary.

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