What types of alterations require review by the Board?

The Board reviews any alterations or repairs that are visible from a public way and that would result in an irreversible change in the design, materials, or outward appearance of the structure. It also reviews any changes in the general arrangement of the building’s features or its architectural details, such as the arrangement of windows or doors.

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1. What types of alterations require review by the Board?
2. What types of alterations are exempt from Board review?
3. Am I required to undo changes made to my property before it was designated?
4. How do I obtain permission from the Board to alter my property?
5. What is a Certificate of Appropriateness?
6. Is there a filing fee for the Certificate of Appropriateness?
7. If I am planning alterations to my property, when should I contact the Board?
8. Can the Board assist me in renovating my historic property?
9. What happens if the Board denies my request for a Certificate of Appropriateness?
10. Can I appeal a denial of a Certificate of Appropriateness?