How "hard" is Titusville water?

When people refer to "hard" water, they usually are referring to water that is high in calcium and magnesium; although any substance in water that forms an insoluble curd with soap (keeps soap from lathering or cleansing) causes hardness. In 2018, our water hardness averaged 80 parts per million (ppm) or approximately 80 milligrams per liter (mg/L) or approximately 4.65 grains per gallon (gpg). Although there are many classification scales of water hardness, the American Water Works Association’s scale rates moderately hard water as between 75 and 150 mg/L, hard water as being between 150 and 300 mg/L, and very hard water as being above 300 mg/L. If water is too "soft," it can cause copper to leach from your home’s interior plumbing into your water

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4. How "hard" is Titusville water?
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