How does the City buy?

Written detailed specifications are normally used for purchases $5000 or greater. Formal Quotations are solicited for all purchases over $5000 or greater but under $15,000. Formal sealed bids are solicited for all purchases $15,000 or greater, and may be advertised in a local newspaper or posted in three public areas in City Hall. Formal sealed proposals normally exceed $15,000.

Formal Solicitations

All formal solicitations are opened publicly by the Purchasing and Contracting Administration staff at a specified time and place and read aloud. The Purchasing and Contracting Administrator, in conjunction with the selection committee, makes recommendations, on Request for Proposals or Request for Qualifications actions, to the Titusville City Council as provided for by City policy.

Emergency Purchases

Emergency purchases are sometimes necessary due some unforeseen or unanticipated event that can create conditions that affect the health, safety and welfare of the City and its citizens or cause that the City may suffer a financial loss due to inaction.

For Your Protection

As a vendor, and for your protection, you should always make certain that you have an executed contract or purchase order or that a purchase order number has been issued to your firm before delivery of materials or providing services.

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