How can you help the Indian River Lagoon?
  • Dispose of yard waste properly. Don’t sweep it into or let it blow off into the street, storm drains, waterbodies, or ditches. Even if you don’t live on the Lagoon, during a rain event, yard waste and trash can flow into a ditch, storm drain or pond, which will then make its way to the lagoon.
  • If you see a storm drain clogged with debris, consider cleaning it up because that storm drain connects to either the Lagoon or the St. Johns River.
  • Wash your car at a commercial car wash or wash it over grass to give the runoff a chance to filter naturally.
  • Fertilize properly. Use pesticides and fertilizers sparingly. When you do use them, follow the directions and never fertilize before it rains (because it will all run off). Always follow the guidelines as outlined in the City’s fertilizer ordinance and consider alternatives to nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizers like iron or compost.
  • Retain natural Florida Friendly habitat buffers along water ways, don’t take sod all the way to the edge, and consider using native plants.
  • Vegetate bare areas of your lawn.
  • Use rain barrels and rain gardens to capture the runoff from your roof or position your gutters to keep water off impervious surfaces, letting the water filter naturally instead of running down the street into a storm drain.
  • Have your septic tank pumped and inspected regularly and consider options for connecting to the sewer system.
  • Pick up dog waste and dispose of it in the trash.
  • Contact federal and state representatives urging support for remedial and preventative legislation to clean up the Indian River Lagoon
  • Volunteering Opportunities:
    • Volunteer to become an oyster gardener through Brevard Zoo’s oyster gardening program.
    • The Marine Resources Council also offers volunteer opportunities to help monitor lagoon water quality, plant native shoreline plants and remove invasive plants and trees.

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2. How can you help the Indian River Lagoon?