Harry T. Moore Social Service Center

Located at 725 S. De Leon Avenue in Titusville, the Center was established in 1974 under a betterment project to provide social-recreational services and activities within the community.  The Center serves as a One Stop Shop for information and referrals for local services provided by organizations, agencies, and businesses who provide various services to our citizens.  

Additionally, the Center hosts several non-profit agencies who have satellite offices at the Center to bridge the gap in services locally.  These tenant agencies provide an array of services ranging from counseling, job search, job training, housing services, homeless services, and more. 

The Center aims to provide various social-recreational activities for the community throughout the year.  Beginning in early 2024, the Center will partner with various organizations and groups to provide these activities.  Stay tuned for further announcements and an calendar of events. 

Hours of operation:  Monday - Friday  8:00am to 4:00pm
General Information Line: 321-567-3681