Student Advisory Council - April 18, 2023

  1. Agenda

City of Titusville


Tuesday, April 18, 2023, 4:00 p.m.

Council Chamber, 2nd Floor, City Hall, 555 S. Washington Avenue, Titusville, FL 32796




Any person who decides to appeal any decision of the Student Advisory Council with respect to any matter considered at this meeting will need a record of the proceedings, and for such purpose, may need to ensure that a verbatim record of the proceedings be made, which record includes the testimony and evidence upon which the appeal is to be based. The City desires to accommodate persons with disabilities. Accordingly, any physically handicapped persons, pursuant to Chamber 286.26 Florida Statutes, should, at least 48 hours prior to the meeting, submit a written request to the chairpersons that the physically handicapped person desires to attend the meeting.


I. CALL TO ORDER - Co-Chairperson Aliyah Deimeke (ACE)




IV. APPROVAL OF MINUTES – Approve the minutes of the regular Student Advisory Council (SAC) meeting of March 21, 2023. (Page 3.)


  1. Improve the Webpage and continue to update The Last Dance Video – At this meeting, staff recommends the SAC consider the following proposed actions. (Page 6.)
  1.  Hold a table reading.
  2. Determine if your Council desires meeting on an as-needed basis during May and June 2023 to complete pending tasks.  If yes, City Resolution No. 5-2023 indicates the SAC can meet during summer months as-needed, when requested by City Council (The 2022/2023 SAC Annual Report to City Council on April 25, 2023 must be prepared accordingly to ask for this authorization).
  3. Tentatively identify your next SAC special meeting date/time at City Hall, pending whether City Council requests (authorizes) the SAC to continue working as-needed into summer 2023.
  4. Authorize City Digital Media Compliance Specialist Kurtis Korwin to purchase items on behalf of The Last Dance Video, specific to stock footage, music and 3D animation assets, for a combined and total cost not to exceed $600.00, using SAC account GL#001-0501-552.52.01.



  1. Annual Report to City Council – Your Council’s governing resolution requires your Council to present an annual report to the City Council each April. The annual report is a summary of your Council’s accomplishments during your term, but which also includes recommendations to your successors. 

•     Introduction – Savannah Sevor

•     The Last Dance – Written by Julia Moon, presented by Julia Curtis

•     Mock City Council – Written by Co-Chairperson Sperr, presented by Julia?

•     Conclusion – Edie Pringle 

The report will be presented to City Council at the April 25, 2023 6:30 p.m. regular City Council meeting, if you signed up to present you will need to attend. 

B. Student Advisory Council Scholarships – At the April 25, 2023 City Council meeting Aliyah Deimeke, Savannah Sevor and Aider Sperr will receive their scholarships.



VII. MEMBER REPORTS – Student Advisory Council (SAC) Members may individually share info they feel may benefit other SAC members, the community, etc. 



  1. Action items – none. 


  1. Informational Items:


  1. Council Budget – For your information: the available funding for SAC projects (Projects account nos. GFCC01 and GFCC04) is included in this agenda packet. (Page 28.)
  2. Council2College Scholarship – The Florida League of Cities (FLC) Council2College Scholarship is an essay contest that assists Florida municipal youth council leaders who are pursuing post-high education. Two scholarship receipts will be selected: First place will receive $500 and second place will receive $250. Applicants must be graduating during the 2022-2023 school year. If any of the seniors are interested please let me know. The due date is April 28, 2023. 
  3. Meeting Agendas & Delivery Methods – Following the first SAC meeting on August 16, 2022, the monthly meeting agenda will be emailed to you at least five (5) calendar days prior to each meeting; however, emails are sometimes undeliverable. To this, it is each SAC Member’s responsibility to get and review meeting agendas prior to your meetings. 


Another option - pick-up hardcopy of the SAC meeting agenda from City Hall (Information Desk). A hardcopy of the agenda will also be available at meetings.


Reminder your Council’s regular meetings are held the 3rd Tuesday of each month

at 4PM, August through April, at Titusville City Hall. 


Special meetings may be scheduled as necessary.

 (City of Titusville Resolution 1-2017).