Downtown Master Plan (Visioning Plan)

The Downtown Master Plan (Visioning Plan) was completed in the Fall of 2005 by the Florida Center for Community Design and Research for the City of Titusville Community Redevelopment Board. The primary purpose of this effort was to develop a plan for coordinated growth in the Downtown Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) area through a series of strategic initiatives that can be realized over the next fifteen to twenty years.

This plan identifies both private-sector and public-sector investments that are aimed at preserving the established qualities of the Downtown area and creating a vibrant mixed-use town center environment. The plan is also intended to identify a number of redevelopment opportunities that will enhance local market conditions for new commercial and residential development, and maximize the revitalization potential of the entire CRA area.

Copy of Plan

For a copy of the Downtown Master Plan Visioning Plan, please contact Tim Ford.